dKart Navigator 9010

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dKart Navigator is an electronic navigation chart system specially designed to facilitate all the navigational tasks of mariner’s day-to-day practice. Along with displaying vector nautical charts (both S-57 official data and CM93 world coverage) it offers:

  • continuous ship’s position and course reckoning based on GPS receiver information;
  • routes planning and navigating;
  • AIS – transponder and ARPA targets tracking;
  • real-time safety control with visual and audible notification;
  • radar image overlay, interface to autopilot, log, compass and other NMEA-0183 compatible devices;
  • navigation measurements and calculations.

The system was designed to serve onboard commercial and leisure vessels in coastal and offshore traffic, for which the owner will prefer navigational equipment of professional standard.

Different versions cover all customer needs:

3.50 – Small Boats
4.50 – Big Yachts
5.50 – ECDIS-type
6.50 – ECDIS-type, Special

A wide range of available versions and optional modules makes it easy to select the required functionality for an optimal price.