Bestikon WMS Ship Owner Solution

ERP-solution for ship company management

Bestikon WMS Ship Owner Solution

Bestikon WMS Ship Owner Solution is a unique ERP solutions-based information system developed for efficient management of cargo ship companies.

ERP-systems synthesize the advanced technologies of human resource management, aimed at bringing the performance of each employee in line with strategic objectives of the company. This up-to-date business strategy offers comprehensive solutions for ship company management meant for optimizing its business processes.

Advantages of ERP system:

  • Monitoring Your company business processes in on-line regime;
  • Optimizing the correspondence of human resources to the business volume of the company;
  • Daily data analysis in on-line regime;
  • Efficient planning;
  • Ongoing process of results archiving;
  • Trainings for new employees and staff interchangeability;
  • Access to the system from all quarters of the earth for business owners and top-management;

ERP system capabilities:

  • More than 40 task templates aimed at detailed monitoring of the staff performance in different business areas: finances, cargo ship management etc.;
  • Automatic reporting on the necessity to implement tasks;
  • Automatic trouble reporting;
  • Possibility to analyze the business processes in details and the efficiency of the staff performance;
  • Developed database of the ships, capability of monitoring the expiry dates of the ships’ documentation;
  • Automatic acceptance and archiving of the expeditor information from the ships;
  • Possibility of data transmission and automatic data processing on sailing, shipboard equipment control, Safety Management System reports;
  • Database on crew members replacement;
  • Internal documentation database, capability of monitoring the expiry dates of the documentation;
  • Recording of the company equipment stocks;
  • Recording of consumable and profitable parts of the sailings;
  • Software version for ships;

ERP system could offer a broader spectrum of capabilities, which are necessary for efficient company management!